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First Fashion Model Hologram

Imagine passing by a store window, and you see a mannequin coming to life as a fashion model showcasing various outfits from the new summer collection 'Craving Fashion'. 
An unconventional idea to present fashion in store, highlighting a totally novel fashion experience.

Fashion Model Hologram ©LC Hologram

The creative approach of presenting the fashion collection in-store as if you see it in a fashion show, not only highlights a unique imaginative method but also offers an engaging experience, providing a glimpse into the exciting future of holograms in fashion wonders.

Fashion Hologram LC Hologram

The idea emerged with collaboration with the brand agency Saatchi & Saatchi, JB collection. As a novel approach to launch the new summer collection under the theme 'Craving Fashion. 
The media production including modelling, recording and animation has beed done by LC Hologram in the Netherlands as well as the campaign installation. 



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