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The idea of a hologram is to see a certain visual or image in 3D dimension floating in the air. This image can be a designed object or a representation of person.

Holograms are often used in various applications such as entertainment, advertising, education, and scientific visualization. They can create the illusion of an object or person appearing in space without any physical medium, providing a lifelike and immersive experience for viewers.

Fashion Hologram LC.png
Various Types of Hologram

There are two main categories of holographic displays, either its in large installation often as a stage or hidden setup, or in a form of holographic projection devices to display holographic media content.

Hologram Installation for a defence tank
Hologram Devices ©LC Holocases
Hologram and  AI

The fusion between AI & Holograms is coming on the way to open the doors for a new style of presentation and interactive communication. Read more about modern AI & Hologram>

Defence Industry 

Defence is one of the main industries that benefits significantly from hologram technology applications. This modern and interactive approach effectively communicates the innovative capabilities of defence systems.

Luxury Products Display 

Using hologram technology as luxury product displays started to be be adapted creating a captivating and sophisticated showcase for displays and immersive experiences. 

Hologram Media Content 

The media content can take various formats, starting from shooting real video, 3D designed objects with adding the holographic effects. Integrating the holographic media with the physical objects is also create a creative outcome. 

Design a Holographic Display  

Creating mesmerizing hologram installations is not just a service; it goes beyond the ordinary, weaving a tapestry of light and illusion that captivates the senses. Seamlessly blending technology and creativity. We are driven by a passion for pushing boundaries, craft installations that transcend reality and transform spaces into captivating dreams. Sizes can vary from a small display of hand size image to large installatiosn of few meters wide.

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