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The Art of 3D Magic

LC Hologram stands as a global pioneer in crafting marvels through visuals, holographic, 3D and immersive media. 

LC is renowned for its inventive and avant-garde approaches to narrate and display stories using the depth of 3D visualizations, without the need for wearing glasses. With its elite experiences, LC bespoke holographic media displays such as devices and installations, and create creative media content.

Welcome to the world of LC, where innovation merges with art to create new wonders through holographic and creative media.

Innovative brands
Creative agencies

Art & Museums
Events & Showrooms
Product launch


Previous Clients

Sony ©LC Hologram
P&G ©LC Hologram
LV ©LC Holography
SaangYong ©LC Hologram
CMI Defence ©LC Hologram
Saatchi & Saatchi ©LC Hologram
Mondelez International ©LC Hologram
GSK-Logo - LC Hologram
Gasprom Neft ©LC Hologram
Moet Hennessy @LC Hologram
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