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Projection Mapping - 3D Projection
Projection mapping, 3D mapping, or Video mapping refers to a technique that brings any surface to life to tell visually stunning stories.

3D mapping can be applied to various surfaces, ranging from geometric or flat structures, including small objects like products to larger surfaces such as cars or entire buildings. Projection mapping is a a powerful tool for storytelling, creating immersive experiences, and bringing surfaces to life with the depth of visual effects. The technique involves using projectors to map and project imagery onto physical objects, creating an illusion of movement and transformation.
Projection Mapping ©LC Holography
The media content here is crafted using 3D design incorporating visual effects, different media layers, as well as light and sound effects

Suitable for: products, events, showrooms, museums, concerts, and galleries. 
Visual storytelling, product launch, art, and education.
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