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Projection mapping, also known as video mapping, 3D mapping, or spatial augmented reality, is a technology that involves the projection of digital content onto physical objects or surfaces to create an immersive and visually stunning experience. This technique allows for the transformation of ordinary objects into dynamic displays by using specialized software to map and align the projected visuals with the contours of the object.

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Projection mapping can turn static objects into dynamic, animated displays. It adds an extra layer of visual interest and engagement, making the viewer's experience more captivating. Projection mapping technique can be applied to various surfaces, including buildings, sculptures, stages, and even everyday objects.

This versatility makes it a popular choice for events, installations, and artistic performances, here are some industries where projection mapping has an impact on its applications.


Projection mapping has a powerful tool for storytelling. It enables creators to innovate narratives by using visuals to convey messages, set moods, and guide the audience through a compelling visual journey that includes different senses.

Brand Promotion and Marketing:

The technique is often used for advertising and brand promotion. It allows companies to create memorable and attention-grabbing displays, helping to communicate their message in a unique and impactful.

Entertainment and Events:

Video mapping is widely used in entertainment industries, such as concerts, theater productions, and theme park attractions. It can transform stages, set designs, and entire environments to create immersive and visually stunning experiences.​

Artistic Expression:

Projection mapping is widely embraced by artists as a medium for creative expression. It provides a canvas for digital artists to showcase their work in innovative and dynamic ways, breaking traditional boundaries of static art.

Cost-Effective Design Changes:

In comparison to physical set construction or permanent installations, projection mapping offers a more cost-effective way to change and adapt visual elements. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for temporary events or changing promotional campaigns.


Sizes can vary dramatically in applications, from hand sized object till entire large building or a vehicle as long as it is covered by light.  understanding and retention of complex concepts also an exciting way to learn more about sizes and possibilities of different aapplications at LC CREATIVE Lab.or via Contact form>

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Famous Applications
On Buildings

Becoming very efficiency way to Display and navigate 3D realistic models of the new development, hotel, villa, or even whole compound or city units and landmarks. Read more>

Stages and Geometric Objects 

Becoming very efficiency way to Display and navigate 3D realistic models of the new development, hotel, villa, or even whole compound or city units and landmarks. 

On Vehicles 

Defence is one of the main industries that benefits significantly from hologram technology applications. This modern and interactive approach effectively communicates the innovative capabilities of defence systems.


Overall, projection mapping has become a powerful and versatile tool, offering value in various fields by transforming spaces, enhancing experiences, and providing unique opportunities for creative expression and storytelling through light. 

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